Dominique Woolf 2 © Richard Clatworthy

Dominique Woolf

See Dominique cooking live on the Christmas Kitchen on Thursday 23 November at the BBC Good Food Show Winter 2023. 

Half-Thai home cook, entrepreneur and mum of three, Dominique Woolf won the Channel 4 television show The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver in 2022. Dominique grew up with her mother and auntie’s Thai cooking but as a busy business woman and mum of three, her food needs to be simple, fast and delicious. She trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine before starting her own business, The Woolf ‘s Kitchen, in the middle of lockdown 2020. Initially selling a range of sauces inspired by those her Thai auntie used to make, she has now expanded into chilli oils, pastes and nuts, too. Dominique’s Kitchen: Easy, Everyday Asian-inspired Food is her first book.

Kung pao-style brussel sprouts
Dominique's BBC Good Food Show Recipes