Craig and Shaun McAnuff ladling Caribbean food onto a plate and smiling

Craig & Shaun McAnuff, Original Flava

You can catch Original Flava cooking live in the Wild Kitchen and Christmas Kitchen on Sunday 26 November at the BBC Good Food Show Winter 2023! 

Popular food influencer brothers from London, Craig and Shaun, launched ‘Original Flava’ in 2016 to teach people how to cook Caribbean food via easy and tasty recipes for everyone!

Taught how to cook by their Jamaican Grandmother & Mother, their online success has now seen them sign to Bloomsbury publishing, gaining over 800,000 followers online and produce an Amazon number one best-selling cookbook. This is all after they produced a popular self-published book by themselves in 2017, after a successful crowd funding campaign. The boys were raised in a challenging area in South London, surrounded by crime. They now use this to inspire other young people with workshops at Schools.

Craig and Shaun McAnuff are all about maximum flava, and their recipes are filling, flava-ful and can be found in their debut book ‘Original Flava: Caribbean Recipes from Home’ or their latest book Natural Flava which is packed with 100% plant-based recipes. Caribbean food makes for brilliant vegan dishes, it has an authentic vegan history with the Rastafarian Ital diet. Ital is a natural, unprocessed, plant-based diet used to promote wellness. Natural Flava brings together Ital inspiration, punchy Caribbean flava and quick and easy recipes

“We were taught how to cook by our Jamaican mother & grandma, so growing up we’ve seen how food brings people together – there is real happiness in creating a delicious dish for family & friends to enjoy and we want to share that joy with people all over the UK.”

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Craig & Shaun's BBC Good Food Show Recipes